Catalina Gouverneur

Ping App

Theming and design direction for design, technology and social event, Link Festival 2016. 



Ping wants you to spend more time with people in the real world. It uses geolocation technology to let your friends and acquaintances find and meet up with you. The app is designed to be incredibly simple to use with the main objective being to share your location or to see if someone in your address book will share theirs. Maybe you met someone at a party, hit it off, but don't have the guts to call them and arrange to hang out, Ping compels you to branch out of your comfort zone.

We wanted the app to be distinctive and fun to use, so I designed a playful logo, bright colour scheme and custom iconography. The result is an app experience that is not only incredibly simple, but a joy to engage with.  

Role: Art Direction, Graphic Design and Interface Design
Client: Ping, Bennet Dalton
Year: 2016

The main visual element used throughout the printed and digital collateral.

To distinguish the app from other apps, I thought the icons should be quite loose and free-form. I created a suit of custom icons from hand-drawn illustrations, and when combined with the bright colour palette, worked to form the playful and fun experience we were hoping for.